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The new group starts 12 September 2022, going through to the end of December 2022.

There is an application process as there are limited places and we want the best match for members. 

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Are you wanting to create more momentum in your business?

Hi, my name is Tara Bulum. 
I help business owners with teams of less than 6 people, that prior to COVID were growing and ready to hire a Manager, but now they are feeling very frustrated, stifled and nobbled and stuck – to increase their annual growth by at least 50% and scale their business in is as little as 6 months

 Business Owner's and I work together to create distinct strategies, systems and tools that unlock your potential and that in your business, to take your business dreams into a reality. This is important because it allows you to have fulfilment and impact in the work you want to do, with your own personality and passion. This speaks to your underlying desire to feel like they can focus on doing the things they love in business, contribute to your family financially and have more time with their loved ones.

I take the guess work out of creating a plan that will work for your personality and business so you can have a fulfilling life and business.

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